Another Appetizer Strategy

Mango SauceThere is nothing like the threat of “the Babes” scrutinizing my latest recipe that inspires me to do my best to create something with a new taste and a twist, but still using what I have on hand in the frig.  (More about “the Babes” in future posts). So out comes the ground turkey, some fresh herbs I’d purchased a few days before, and a bottle of this intriguing curried mango grill sauce I had purchased on a recent trip to Wegmans.  Also, I had some coconut milk in the frig that was either going to be used or thrown away. I’d added it to something previously – a Thai soup that I made, and the remaining milk had been shelved for at least a week, and that was worrying me.  I was a little reluctant to mix the mango sauce with the coconut milk, but I gave it a try – and it was good. In fact, the sauce was too thick to use alone, and this was just what it needed.  So relying on years of making turkey meatballs with whatever variety of herbs and spices I had on hand, I measured and added and voila, a very good meatball and an easy, excellent sauce.  The recipe appears on – where else — the recipe page. mango meatballs

2 thoughts on “Another Appetizer Strategy

  1. Yum! Great combo of flavors! I actually have some of that grille sauce and the coconut milk. Can’t wait to make them!

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