La Piquette La ZeeZ: Two Cultures, Both Pleasing

Tried two places far apart on the cultural spectrum but both of them were representative of their own diverse and interesting dishes. At La Piquette in D.C.’s upper Cleveland Park area, you may want to try to Steak Fritte, but also not to be missed are the scallops with prociutto crisps and cauliflower onion sauce.  We also liked the salmon tartare with avocado, shallots, chervil and citrus and the creamy cauliflower soup.  The decor was just so very French bistro and the red table wine at $6 a glass warmed my tummy but didn’t overwhelm.  La Zeez is an old stand by because we walk there from home.  On the unusually humidity-free evening in Bethesda, we sat outside at one of the seven or eight tables.  The menu really hadn’t changed featuring a fattoush salad that was very crisp, fresh and satisfying and juicy tender lamb kabobs with their signature herbed red potatoes as a side. It’s middle eastern that isn’t too splashy and obviously cooked to order.

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