Pot Luck Club with Perfect Luck

While visiting Cape Town, South Africa may not be in your immediate future, save this place as a must-go if you do go. Make a reservation well in advance because it’s a hot ticket, hotter than I knew when I booked it in October for a December visit. While scouring various blogs and reviews of places to go while there, I stumbled on Pot Luck Club and based on reviews and descriptions, I made a reservation. The very next weekend it happened to be featured in a New York Times magazine story. When we did go, the cabbie who dropped us off was adament that the only way we could have gotten in, was due to a cancellation — “but President Obama ate there!” he reminded me. Well we did, too. It’s a small place – seats about 50 people – and is on the sixth floor of a place called the Silo of the Old Biscuit Mill in an area known as Woodstock. Opened by renowned chef Luke Dale-Roberts, and presided over by the head chef Wesley Randles, pot luck is a fun place to eat in cool surroundings. Dinner is in two sittings and features a selection of tapas from five taste groups – sweet, salty, sour, umami, and bitter – and under each “taste” are a number of selections from which to choose and share at the table. The night we went standouts included fish tacos; wok fried eggs with miso bean sprouts and pickled mushrooms; prawn salad; and a selection of South African cheeses.potluck


it turned out to be our lucky day!

it turned out to be our lucky day!



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